A business committed to maximising the potential of people in organisations.

We are a company with years of background experience in the training and development industry.


We bring this experience in the design and customisation of courses to meet our clients individual needs.


Group interactive workshops highlight key distinctions …. further enhanced with individual coaching… drawing out the participants’ talents and capabilities.

In-house training and development programs are tailored to the specific needs of your business.

A high level of customisation and a flexible delivery format ensures maximum benefits and outcomes.

Participants are exposed to a vibrant multi sensory learning experience which is designed to integrate their course objectives.

We take responsibility:

  • To make a difference in the lives of all who we touch through our programs.

  • To give value for money to organisations who trust us to deliver measurable outcomes.

  • To provide open and honest feedback.

  • To focus on results.

Our mission is to assist organisations empower their people to be more self-confident,
happier and productive.


• Customer Engagement

• Leadership

• Managing Teams

• High Touch Selling

• Online E-Learning

• Coaching

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During the 1980s Peter had extensive experience in the financial markets. He worked as a futures broker and fund manager before starting a boutique Funds Management Company, Williams Attwood.

After selling Williams Attwood in the early 1990s Peter consulted as a financial market analyst for a number of years.

After joining LMA in 1997 Peter he established his business with a strong client base, which includes a number of nationally recognised organisations. His skills have been instrumental in building the business and managing key accounts, which has led to a number of national and international awards.

In August 2014 after 18 years with LMA Peter left to start Phoenix People Development, a training & development business with a focus on customised courses that are tailored to the specific needs of the client.

Peter's lifelong passion is personal development and the belief that each individual has the ability to achieve their maximum potential.



Margaret has had over 25 years’ experience in the professional development field in both government and private sectors, and with Leadership Management Australasia.

•  In 2014 Margaret, in conjunction with her partner, formed Phoenix
People Development, which specialises in customised programs to meet the specific needs of organisations.

• She works at a national level as a program developer, facilitator and corporate coach.

Margaret’s business role covers four major areas:
• Program facilitation: The facilitation of the range of Phoenix People
Development programs. Margaret adds value, provides a rich experience for participants, a return on investment and achieves excellent measurable results for participants and companies.

• Coaching and mentoring role: Margaret works with individuals who are undertaking programs in a business coaching capacity. She also mentors their managers to ensure that the participants achieve their course objectives.

• Partnering relationships: Working with existing client companies to
identify further need and provide meaningful solutions. Clients use her as a professional development adviser in growing their people and business.

• Program development: working closely with the leadership team to
develop programs that meets the organisations course objectives.


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