Michael Laing is the MD of Apposite Management, the National Distributor for Indaba Global, the company that developed DISCflex.

Phoenix People Development extensively use DISCflex to identify an individual’s areas for development and provide a framework for individual one-on-one coaching.

DISCflex also allows companies that are geographically challenged to train and develop their people through our online platform.

We have found DISCflex to be an extremely useful addition to offer our clients.

Innovation Consult

Phoenix People Development and INNOVATION CONSULT have partnered to conduct a series of Disruptive Innovation workshops in 2018.

Tom Williams is a startup and scale up business coach with experience in founding several businesses, as well as developing innovations for global companies.  Tom has university qualifications in science, business, film production, mentoring and coaching.  He lectures at the University of Melbourne and Monash University, teaching business planning, commercialisation, leadership and entrepreneurial skills.

We will be looking at what it takes to stay ahead of the curve and formulate strategies to not get caught with the next Uber or AirBnB start up that threatens your industry.

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