• Peter Attwood

Is Stress Killing You?

Today’s work environment with all of its pressures is not going to go away.

Your Beta brain wave frequencies go into overdrive when you’re emotionally, physically and mentally stressed.

On the other hand, when in an unstressed restful state your Alpha waves take over.

Question is, how can I switch brain waves and regain my equilibrium? Some would say my sanity!

Well there is a way … Colourtation is a scientifically based adult colouring book

Like controlled breathing, colouring interrupts our automatic responses and induces calm and a more restful state, eliciting the simplicity and delight of our childhood memories.

Taking a few minutes out during the day to use the colouring book resets our poise allowing us to be more relaxed and productive.

Controlled breathing and cross brain hemisphere exercises also have a similar effect in that they refocus our attention and produce calmness and relaxation, in the face of stress, and have both external and internal benefits.

Given the pressures on business managers and leaders, it is good to know that having some tools to consciously manage the stress in our environment is very helpful.

Marg Attwood

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