• Peter Attwood

Moving from buddy to boss

Updated: Jun 30, 2019

This is one of the biggest mindset shifts that staff moving from a team to a supervisory role needs to make.

Why is it so challenging?

It involves moving from self-accountability to having to be accountable for a team and getting things done through others.

One of our Course participants, Phil shared that the biggest concern he had with the transition is the impact on team friendships and relationships, especially when he had to get tough and address performance issues.  He also noticed that others in the business related to him differently:

His Manager expected more of him.Several of his team members tested his authority by being late for meetings.Some challenged his decisions.Another of his colleagues resented his promotion, feeling he were overlooked for the position and so responded with passive resistance.

Phil used the Managing Teams course to strengthen his leadership, and also brought the team together through shared goals.

Some can feel ambivalent with this new expectation.

Phil was able to make an effective transition by retaining the respect of their team, by addressing issues in a collaborative way and challenging and developing team members so that all members felt aligned, fulfilled and appreciated.

Critically he had the support of his manager who mentored him through the transition phase.

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