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Sales Skills

My name is Peter Attwood.

I have been in sales related roles for decades and in a series of up coming Blogs I will share with you some of my experiences.

How to Improve your Sales Skills:

Do you have what it takes to land the business?

Is your conversion rate up to scratch?

How much business are you missing out on?

If you believe you could do better …. Read on…

Most sales people have had the experience of asking for the order only to hear, “I want to think about it”.

At this point you are faced with a dilemma, do you roll over and hope the sale eventuates or do you press on and run the risk of burning the prospect?

You may be at a loss to understand how and why this is happening so often; living in hope of a positive response when you follow up – if they take your call!

The reality is that the moment you leave the appointment the decision maker has a host of other priorities to deal with. Your proposal sinks to the bottom of the list – it tanks.

Perhaps there is a critical pathway which puts the odds of success more in your favour.

The following are what has worked for me….

The sale actually originates from the moment you introduce yourself, with a warm hand shake and comfortable eye contact.

In these first few moments:

Rapport is established, which in turn leads toTrustCredibility comes next with a well conducted Presentation.

Effective questioning establishes the NEED, which gives rise to the solution and the sale.

But beware; I have seen too many sales people jump from the initial intro to the great features and benefits of their product or service.

They are doing the talking and are not LISTENING to the NEEDS of the prospect.

By asking ‘Open’ questions and dwelling in the NEED you are allowing the prospect to convince themselves of the reason they should do business with you.

If you follow the Rapport > Trust > Credibility > Need > Solution pathway you should not encounter, “I want to think about it”.

If you do:

Never argue, “I can understand that”Go back to the NEEDAsk, “Is there anything in particular that you’re not sure about?”“Other than that is there any other reason?” Listen intently.“If I could show you a way of resolving that issue would you be willing to proceed?”“What do I need to do to win your business?”

Your posture and attitude are all important, you are either buying their story or they are buying yours; which is it?

Posture and attitude are a function of self-image, which I will address in my next blog.

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