• Peter Attwood

Sales Success through Relationships

Moving from transactional selling to relationship selling is seen as the model for retaining customers and generating repeat business.

Resales are the low hanging fruits. Chasing one off sales without developing the relationship is just too cost prohibitive.

Clearly the customer must be of a sufficient size to justify the time and energy involved in investing in the relationship.

Honouring your word and delivering on what was promised are the building blocks in establishing trust and rapport.

Staying in touch is vital but if every time they hear from you, it is about more sales, they will soon turn off.

Or you are contacting them with no real purpose and start to be seen as a time waster…

Another way of staying in touch is by recommending a good app; marketing event, which you may invite and pay for; book; news article or interesting website.

You now have a better chance of being front of mind when they want what you are offering.

Relationship selling should be seen as a process rather than an event. Some of my best and biggest accounts started with small sales and built as the trust and credibility grew.

All of the above is true but here is the rub; what if it is a first appointment and you don’t have a relationship with the customer? And what if there is no context for relationship?

The answer is Solution Selling by:

Focussing and understanding the customers needs.Asking open questions.Doing more listening than talking.Having the customers best interest at heart.Be concerned but unattached to the outcome…this is critical and I will have more to say about it in subsequent blogs. Don’t go for the big ticket items.

It could also be said that the above point are also relevant for relationship selling.

I came across this article recently.  Click on this link Relationship Selling: The Path to Sales Success

Definitely worth reading.

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