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What are the qualities of a Good Leader?

Leadership is a hot topic at present given the change that has occurred in Canberra this week with the emergence of a new Prime Minister.

What qualities are essential in an effective leader?

What are we looking for in the new Prime Minister?

The Gallup organisation has identified four attributes  for a leader that followers value, after analysing the responses from 1000’s of employees who participated in workplace engagement surveys.

These four attributes are:


Hope involves creating a positive view of the future and a clear direction.

Trust is such a foundational quality for open communication,  acceptance and feeling valued.

Stability involves certainty and consistency.

Compassion encompasses concern for others, being empathetic and creating a nurturing environment.

Can you identify a leader that you admire?

The new Defence Minister Senator Marise Payne in her first press conference acknowledged her father, 

“My father was my inspiration. He fought for this nation in Papua New Guinea and in Noumea.”

In another sphere, Tim Costello is the CEO of World Vision. As its leader he embodies the values of trust, hope, stability and compassion.As a leader, do you embrace these qualities?

What feedback would your team have on you possessing these qualities?

Your comments are most welcome.

Marg Attwood.

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