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What is DISCflex and how can it help me?

Updated: May 17, 2019

Most have heard of DISC and if you Google it you will come up with some million hits (literally).

So what is DISCflex and how can it help me?

It was developed by Indaba out of Florida to specifically address behaviour flexing and longer term behaviour morphing.

An online assessment identifies development gaps.Third party feedback (mini 360) is incorporated in the report to give balance.A comprehensive Business Behaviours report is generated.Fifteen online videos are recommended based on each individual’s needs. These are very informative and of the highest quality.Participants are able to work through the videos at their own pace in their own time.Geographically you could be anywhere.

Participants are able to identify when to dial up or dial down behavioural traits to achieve more productive outcomes, either by situational flexing or long term morphing.

Participants who have used DISCflex report improvement in their relationship and communication skills.

We have successfully used DISCflex in conjunction with one-on-one coaching as a part of our training programs.

For further information go to

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