A national electro-technology company needed to up skill their technicians’ relationships and communication skills. The techs would visit a customers premises and satisfactorily complete their assigned job but not proactively source other work…

…As such they would walk away leaving, “too much on the table”.

Our solution was to design a program that focussed on helping the techs understand that they were being a service to the customer by fully informing them of their options; in effect cross selling and up selling the companies range of services….

The techs attitude shifted from being … reactive… to using their expertise in identifying other opportunities. As a result… sales increased and the customers were happy that they were being taken care of.

A blue-chip international organisation wanted to develop the leadership capability of their high potential future leaders… There was also a need for them to understand strategic thinking….presenting their ideas clearly and coherently.

In conjunction with the Human Resources Learning & Development department the PhoenixPeople Development team designed a comprehensive program including:

  • A behaviours intelligence workshop

  • Leadership & Communication

  • Neuroscience of Peak Performance

  • One-on-one coaching

The success of the course is being measured using a scientific tool with a 95% accuracy rate.

A global motoring services organisation wanted to strengthen the leadership of it’s middle managers; enabling them to inspire and motivate their teams….leading to greater commitment and collaboration.

Phoenix People Development created a six module highly experiential course that challenged and inspired the managers to implement changes in between their course workshops:

  • Effective engagement

  • Improved productivity

  • Reduced absenteeism

  • Increased self-confidence

  • More cohesive culture


Due to the success of the course the organisation is continuing with further programs.







Effective Relationship Sales Skills

  • How to influence the  outcome by understanding language and communication patterns.

  • What motivate people to buy

  • When to close…. timing is everything

  • How to deal effectively with objections

This eight module development program takes the participants through the complete sales cycle to clearly define the critical path that needs to be taken.

For businesses that are geographically challenged we offer a suite of online programs that are structured with scheduled one-on-one personal coaching.

A national air conditioning business needed to develop the management capabilities of just one person in Canberra.

Our solution was to tailor an online training program that specifically met the needs of that individual.


A company in London wanted Sales training for their team.

Their pipeline and closure rate increased dramatically following our targeted training program.

Releasing staff for training courses can be challenging in a busy workplace. Unforeseen circumstances can be the reason for not completing the course or it being a major distraction.

To address this issue and provide a flexible solution Phoenix People Development have created a dynamic package, which includes one-to-one individual coaching together with Indaba’ s suite of eLearning courses.

Here is how it works:

  • Participants complete an online profile assessment, which includes 3rd Party feedback.

  • A comprehensive report is generated specific to the participant's profile (no two people are the same).

  • Phoenix People Development debrief, explain and work through the participant's report with them.

  • In addition, participants access the eLearning tutorial videos, which are specifically tailored to their needs based on their profile.

  • Over a 3-4 month period the participants receive six one-on-one 45 minute individual coaching sessions, which provides a structure and accountability. As the participants work their way through the program they are supported and coached around their specific issues and development areas.


  • Can start at anytime.

  • Work at their own pace.

  • Are coached by a professional member of our team who guides them through the program and discusses current issues.

  • The training is fully customised to their specific needs.

  • Videos remain available for 12 months.

  • Enhanced self-understanding leading to improved workability in relationships.

  • Gain styleflexing skills in adapting their communication to different personalities leading to greater rapport.

Individual one-on-one coaching enhances the learning experience of our participants.

By establishing rapport and creating a safe space, the participant is able to work through challenging issues.

Using the GROW model (Goals, Reality, Option & Way Forward) participants are empowered to produce results that are beyond previous self-limiting beliefs.


Powerful penetrating questions enable the participant to reflect on their developmental journey; in the process strengthening their self-esteem, resilience and emotional intelligence. The result being a more confident assertive person who has the skills to meet the demands required of them.












“Customers don’t expect you to be perfect. They do expect you to fix things when they go 

wrong.” Donald Porter V.P. British Airlines.

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