"I particularly like the personal stories at the end of your courses, the stories that involve a development journey, an understanding of environment and a better understanding of themselves." Rob Selymesi, General Manager, Nilsen

"Some pearls of wisdom in your program, a great reminder for the more experienced team members and some valuable life lessons for the younger guys. I think everyone enjoyed the program and I know all the guys got a lot out of the course."


Gary Glenn

Division Manager Nilsen’s SA.


"What I have taken from this (Managing Teams) course

I believe myself to be a better listener and have worked on staff relations; I have found that there is more calmness in my decision making, which is helping me become a better manager.

The ways I have looked at things have changed and I have spent a night working on the pass on the other side (of the bistro), it felt like the dark side, but what it (has) done was open my eyes to what I had not seen on my side where I believed everything was okay, it made me see where my staff can improve and where they’re struggling and now I can reassess where I can help them improve.

It might be just little things but I believe all these little things lead to big and better things, and I will be making sure my second chef spends a busy night on the pass and then discuss it after to improve our kitchen.

This will create actions for us to which the end will result in positive outcomes.


This course has made me become a better and more grounded leader, it has helped me stop second guessing myself, I have become more clear in my decision making and it will and is making me a better person. Before I act on anything I now think more about it, which makes my decision more clear and then I don’t second guess myself."


Geoffrey Wellington

Head Chef Deer Park Club.

"Hi Marg, Charlotte and Peter,

Wow!!! ……. First group down! I can’t believe it!

Thank you, thank you, and thank you!! What an amazing first MDP! I can’t believe the first group has come to a close!

Marg, the amount of work you have put in to assisting me with creating a tailored program that is so Aggreko Specific and in-line with the identified gaps from the Development Plans, was exactly what I was looking for and everything I hoped for. I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate all your time, effort and patience is supporting me in what I wanted the program to look like and translating my ideas into content! All those hours we put into the planning and detail, was absolutely worthwhile and paid off BIG TIME!!!

The dynamic between Marg and Charlotte was absolutely brilliant and worked so perfectly given the people on the program. Charlotte’s enthusiasm and energy gave an edge to the program that kept our people engaged and excited on each module. Marg, your ability to motivate the team and helping them realise their potential and to ‘step out of their past and into their future selves’ was just amazing and I know they will continue to transform as you conduct the coaching sessions with the team.

Peter, thank you for providing your guidance around the realities of being a leader. I know the team have taken much away from your experience and expertise and the guidance you have shared as to what it will take for them to transform into being a GREAT Leader in the Aggreko Business, one that will impact the business and ensure success.

It’s been an absolute pleasure working with you all and I honestly can’t thank you enough for all your support and brilliant service in ensuring our ideas, needs and wants for the program, came to life in delivery!

Look forward to debriefing next week and a long lasting partnership in delivering great programs for Aggreko!"


Kellie Whitehead
Organisational Development Manager AusPac Aggreko

At pebble & co, we create fragrance collections for the finest brands in the world, both big and small.
Our business relies heavily on a solid pipeline of new business opportunities.
We reached out to Peter Attwood of Phoenix People Development to see how he could be able to help our small, dynamic team with the business development and sales process.
While we knew what we were hoping to achieve (improved conversion and shortened pipeline) we were unclear where to start in the process or even what kind of advice and support we needed to achieve our goals.
We undertook a series of online training and coaching sessions with Peter, each with a specific focus and tailored to our needs and requirements. These training sessions were invaluable in providing us with the skill set, focus and deeper understanding of how to increase phone calls to appointment and conversion ratios, which resulted in achieving our objectives and targets.
We experienced an immediate impact in results; winning three new accounts in the last quarter, and found Peter’s insights, learnings and advice incredibly valuable and transferable, across not only the tasks at hand but also our wider professional and personal lives.
Thank you Peter and Phoenix People Development.

Sarah McCubbin
Founder & Managing Director

City FM Customer Engagement Graduation

 City FM Customer Engagement Graduation

Dahlsen Grad.png

Dahlsen Managing Teams program work in progress.

Hi Peter,

I hope all is well.

 I still think the training you provided was some of the best I've had!

Anthony Lahill

National Sales Manager

Nilsen Group

We have engaged with Phoenix People Development for several years and the Managing Teams program now forms the basis for all our future leaders.

The program is designed to create a learning environment where everyone feels safe to share openly and sometimes with such honesty. This forms the basis for every participant to truly identify their current level of people development and be willing to “try on” new ways of thinking and doing.


I marvel on how our guys have really engaged with this environment, and that is truly down to the facilitator. He is able to share chunks of information and then get them using it and sharing with others how relevant this could be used back at site.


At the next session, there is always a reflection on what they tried, how it went and what they would like to change for next time. This is where the coaching complements the classroom learning. They are open to share their insights in a safe environment (over the phone) and often see shifts in their personal interactions at home. Marg, as their coach then guides and set goals to helps them get over any challenges and hurdles, they find difficult.


The four-hour Workshop sessions are perfect in length to keep attention and involvement. The participant presentations at the end of the Course are a true insight on what portion of the program has truly resonated with them. We have their managers and senior leaders in attendance to witness our strong pipeline of future leaders.

Julianne Henry
Learning and Development Manager

Feedback on both the Workshops and Coaching sessions:


  • Level of engagement: Throughout the workshop period, Marg and Peter were very professional, with the way the workshops were managed.  Every workshop felt fresh and they made sure that the environment in the workshop was meaningful.  They are especially good at the way they engaged with the group and encouraged individuals to open up.

From an upline perspective the behind the scenes communication has been extremely beneficial so be briefed on how the group is going and what is coming out of the sessions.

Marg and Peter are seniors in the business which brings a feeling that you are in good hands and they genuinely bring a supportive environment for group members to comfortably discuss their thoughts.


  • Variety of activities: The material covered is genius but presented in the most logical No Brainer way.  Phoenix strategically position attendees next to the best suited, so that the sessions are most productive and other people in the selected group will benefit the other characteristics and strengths.  The activities are specially written to be relevant to the industry and issues similar to those in the business at the time.


  • Relevance of material: The material is very beneficial to management skills required to be effective.  However not every manager has strengths in all required areas of communication, team building, time management, issue resolution, leadership and the material is selected with scientific resource to teach the skills required in the simplest way.  NO technical jargon, just basic, usable tools.



  • Customisation: The course content was designed for our business.  We started by having a workshop with Marg and Peter to explain the problems that we have and what each individual desperately needs to grow in. Such as person ‘x’ need more Assertiveness or person ‘y’ needs to have more positive leadership or time management or responsibility, after listing everything out, Phoenix then went away and designed a program just for us.


  • Insights and learning: One of the most enjoyable parts of the course was when Peter would add the depth into where the course material was founded and then link it to other findings.


  • Behaviour change: We loved to watch our team in the activities and their confidence increase as their skills were developed.


  • Group interaction: Marg and Peter were strategic in how the groups were setup and assisted the groups to work together and practice the new learnt skills.



  • Comfort and ease in participating: Marg made the coaching easy, by a well-managed timetable and a genuine support to the needs of the individual.  With a key focus to ensuring the goal set by the individual is relevant to the business goals for that person.


  • Structure of sessions: The sessions were half days and were well thought out to ensure that the days content was clearly covered without rushing or running out of time.



  • Goal setting process: Goals were set by management for the individuals.  When Phoenix talked to the individuals, they ensured that personal goals, along with business goals were covered.


  • Insights and learning: Marg carried out the coaching and really assisted the individuals to achieve their goals by helping them in their skills and coaching them specifically in what they have learnt in the sessions and how to apply that to the situations.

  • Value in individual focus. Everyone in the group had really enjoyed the sessions and thanked us for taking the time for them to grow.  Some even explained how they had applied the new found skills in their personal life and had seen positive changes there.

Vanessa Goulding

Construction Manager

                               Good Afternoon Marg,


Please see below my review of my experience of the coaching course provided.


Course Material

  • My goal in the Leadership Development Coaching program has been to:

    • Identify and focus on my time management and priorities in my role.

    • Strengthen my confidence, leadership and influence in the business.

    • Through a Workplace project understand the factory/warehouse area, develop relationships and trust, and empower the team to build on the continuous improvement already begun.

  • The DISCflex profiling or behavioural styles analysis has been very useful to both identify my strengths and focus on areas for development.

  • The Course material has helped with my communication skills and self-awareness, strengthened my decision-making, assertiveness and confidence in my leadership.

  • Scheduling time to watch the videos and prepare for, and attend the coaching sessions is a measure of my improved time management.


  • I was nervous about having Coaching because I did have some learning challenges and negative experiences at school. However, Marg was able to put me at ease, and I feel more motivated, encouraged and affirmed and more in control of my learning.

  • Feedback I am getting from the factory/warehouse colleagues and senior management on my attitude and behaviour changes has been very affirming.

  • Marg’s role as a coach has been to ask questions, actively listen, challenge my assumptions and provide structure for our conversations. Her feedback on my progress has been helpful and the customisation of the Course to my individual needs and meeting one to one has been pivotal to my development.

Thanks once again for your all your support



Bill Quayle


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